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Preparing for Hurricane Season 2015

Posted on July 28, 2015 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Hurricane season for the Atlantic usually begins in early June and continues on through November 30th. There are several things we can do to prepare ourselves here in Virginia. Upon doing research for this blog, there were a few resources for hurricane preparedness. There is now an app you can dowload onto your phone called the READY VIRGINIA MOBILE APP that provides emergency planning and guidance in the event of a catastrophe. Additionally, there is a Preparedness Handbook available for downloading that can be very informational in emergency planning and what to do in the event of a hurricane:   

In the past years here in Virginia, we have experienced very dangerous storms. One of the most costly and scary hurricanes we experienced here was Hurricane Isabel in September 2003. Left in the wake of its disaster, many were left without power for days and weeks. We need to prepare ourselves for such events occuring in our area again. Purchasing small generators and reading up on how to prepare is something we can all be doing now to protect our future.

As always, we as your insurance agents are here for you in such disasters. We will be releasing information on how to contact us should our office be closed down due to the weather. 

Stay safe, everyone. Enjoy the rest of your summer. 

(Photo below is from the Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, VA) 

Getting your home prepared for HOTTTT weather!

Posted on June 23, 2015 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Here are some Tips for Tuesday regarding getting your home ready for the sweltering temperatures we are sure to continue to reach this summer.

1) check insulation

2) make sure your air conditioning is in proper working condition without any leaks

3) turn your ceiling fan blades to go counterclockwise to maximize cooler temperatures throughout your home

4) replace your HVAC filter and consider having your air ducts and vents cleaned and have seals checked

5) cut back long grass to prevent fleas and ticks from loitering

6) check your outdoor living space and any fencing for any signs of wear and tear. replace as needed (i.e. deck boards)

7) paint to keep your wood protected

8 ) check screens on windows or doors for any damage

9) check roof for any missing or damaged shingles

10) trim any tree branches that could cause detrimental damage in the event of a storm

11) clean gutters

12) consider having your home treated for any pests, ants, or have the yard sprayed for mosquitoes.

We hope these tips have helped you if you haven't yet prepared or completed work to have your home summer ready!

{Have a great day!!}


Posted on February 25, 2015 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello everyone! Welcome to our new website. We hope you it is more user-friendly than our old site. To those that are new to our company and family we want to give you the opportunity to read our mission statement. We look forward to working with you and getting to know you!

"Locally owned and operated". It is a phrase we all love to hear and see when referring to business. Customers can't deny the feeling they get when walking into a locally owned business. There is a warmth in dealing with real people with real goals, just like yourself. The personal service you receive invokes notions of comfort and ease. At Pannill & Associates Insurance Agency, you'll get nothing less than that personal service combined with over sixty-five years of experience in the industry. We started our agency in December of 2000 as an independent agency that specializes in auto, home, life, commercial, and more. Together we can review your insurance needs, whether it be personal or for your business, and give you quotes quickly and at no cost to you. Our staff has flexible schedules and can meet after business hours at our office or at your choice of location. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with quality coverage at a low cost all the while having a close, personal experience with you and your family. Overseeing your insurance can often feel like being lost at sea; with Pannill & Associates Insurance as your lighthouse, we can keep you guided in the right direction.